Building standards

In addition to complying with these Architectural Guidelines at all times, a homeowner or an occupier must ensure that all work is undertaken:

  • with the use of only high quality (and where possible, new) materials fit for their purpose
  • in compliance with all laws and regulations
  • by reputable, properly qualified and licensed professional suppliers experienced in undertaking such work
  • in a proper, workmanlike and timely manner
  • promptly and in a manner in which the least inconvenience is caused to other homeowners and occupiers
  • only after all necessary certifications have been obtained (including any engineer's certification and the like) to ensure that they do not impact on the structural integrity of the villa or community

In undertaking any alterations, a homeowner or occupier must ensure that all debris is regularly removed and the community is left clean and tidy at all times during the period of work and after completion.

The homeowner or occupier must repair any damage caused to any community common areas during or as a result of this work.