Energy saving ideas


  • To achieve the best cooling results during the peak summer season, the air-conditioning equipment should run on low speed throughout the day – the optimum set point during the summer is 23-25°C
  • If you go away during the summer, set the thermostat to 28C° so that you do not use excessive amounts of electricity but at the same time, you are protecting your home from the adverse effects of humidity and excessive heat 
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Temperature change

  • If you can, set your thermostat up by just two or three degrees. You'll hardly know the difference, but it will make a difference in your overall energy consumption

Hot water

  • Heating water takes a lot of energy! Take a quick shower as it uses around three times less water than a hot bath
  • Most heaters only take 20 minutes to heat enough water for a shower, so get into the simple habit of switching the heaters off when you don’t need it

Energy efficient lights

  • Energy saving light bulbs are much more efficient than the traditional version and may last many times longer. Next time you need to replace a bulb, take the energy saving option, such as LED or CFL, and you’ll achieve savings in the long run

Switch off lights

  • Get into the habit of switching lights off whenever you leave a room. And remember to do it at work too!