Fire safety in the community

Residents’ safety is of paramount importance to us and many efforts are made to create awareness about this issue. However, emergencies can occur anytime unexpectedly. In the interest of your community’s wellbeing, we wish to advise you of some steps you can take to assist us in creating a safer environment for everyone:

  • Please conduct regular maintenance of the smoke / heat detectors within your villa; did you know it’s an offense punishable by law if your detectors are  not working properly or they have been obstructed? Your negligence could pose a risk to the entire community.
  • Refrain from smoking in non-designated areas
  • Don’t throw cigarette butts – lit or otherwise – from your property
  • Refrain from storing of flammable liquids or materials like petrol, diesel or household materials in your garage
  • Avoid overloading electrical power points with too many high voltage appliances, such as televisions and computers