Swimming pools and water features

Swimming pools
If you are going on vacation, remember of turn OFF the pool lights and heat / cool unit to reduce energy consumption. However, it is important to ensure that swimming pool filtration systems are set up to work on a timer system while you are a way. This will maintain the water quality and will reduce any major costs when you return. Installing pool covers will reduce dust and debris entering the pool.

You can install a timer to control the pump's cycling. If debris is a problem, use a timer that can activate the pump for many short periods each day. Running the pump continuously for, say, three hours leaves the other 21 hours a day for the pool to collect debris. Several short cycles will keep the pool cleaner all day. Your swimming pool service provider could further assist and advise in setting up a timer system if the pool pumps are not already fitted with one.

Water features and fountains
When not in use or before going on long vacations, water features and fountains must be completely drained and covered to prevent water accumulation and avoid mosquitoes and other insects breeding.

Hot water
Heating water takes a lot of energy! Hot water systems come with a thermostat, which has a variable temperature set point (typically up to 70°C). These thermostats are generally set between 65 and 70°C, but by getting a qualified electrician to adjust the set point to 60°C you can save a significant amount of energy.

If there is more than one hot water heater in your home, switch off heaters in areas that are not occupied. It only takes 20 minutes to heat the water if you need to.