When it rains

  • Ensure that your windows are tightly shut during the rainy season, especially if you go away on vacation
  • Check your floor drains regularly, especially those that are not used often, to ensure there is water in the P trap
  • Check balcony and roof top drains regularly for blockages – if a drain is blocked, remove the cover and use a hooked wire or coil spring-steel auger to clean out any sand or grease in the P trap
  • When the drain is clear, pour a bucket or two of hot water into it to wash out any loose material
  • Check the drain cover itself and clean it in hot water and soap in order to open all of the holes - pour a bucket of hot water down the drain every so often in order to check it’s all working properly
  • Ensure that the sealant around any sliding doors and windows is intact – heat can make these deteriorate over time so check this regularly
  • In the event of heavy rain it is recommended roof and balcony drain covers are removed and kept aside in order to facilitate the rapid draining of excess water
  • For villas, it is recommended that a physical inspection be conducted periodically to check for blockages in open shafts and pipes on the roof